Liquidity Providers

When a user supplies capital to the Duet protocol, which is subsequently supplied to other DeFi protocols as liquidity, the user is considered a liquidity provider. A liquidity provider could mint synthetic assets that generally do not fluctuate in value, like stable coin dUSD. Duet provides liquidity providers with:

  1. Automated Reinvesting: automatically reinvests rewards from the receipt tokens and enhances overall return

  2. Free Line of Credit: Mint dUSD interest-free, use dUSD to acquire additional exposure to more assets or simply spend it without having to sell their positions

  3. Yield on dUSD Lending Pool: Mint dUSD and deposit in lending pools to earn an additional yield on top of the automated reinventing

  4. Reward on dUSD AMM Pool: Mint dUSD and provide liquidity to designated dUSD AMM pools to earn the reward.

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