Bonded Duet

Bonded Duet refers to a bond issued by the Duet treasury denominated in Duet tokens with a payment of Duet to be paid in a future date.

Receipt Tokens

Receipt tokens refers to tokens issued like a receipt to users after they have provided liquidity to DeFi protocols. Typically the receipt is subsequently used to claim rewards and income. Receipt tokens can be used to redeem assets from the DeFi protocol. Examples of receipt tokens include Uniswap LP tokens, Compound cTokens, AAVE aTokens etc.

Unwrapped Tokens

Unwrapped Tokens refers specifically to erc20 or native crypto assets that are not wrapped into a receipt token

Swap LP Token

Swap LP Token refers to the receipt token issued by the swap to certify a user of rewards and the right to redeem supplied assets.

Saving Receipts

Saving Receipts are issued by a lending protocol as a proof of ownership of assets supplied by the user to the protocol. Users can claim rewards and redeem assets with the Saving receipts.

POS Farming Receipts

POS Farming Receipts refers to a proof of ownership of assets supplied by a user to a proof of stake pool.

Governance Staking Receipts

Governance Staking Receipts refers to a token issued by a DAO organization that represents ownership of staked assets in the DAO voting contracts.


Dytokens are receipt tokens issued by Duet Earn (yield optimzer). Dytoken stands for Duet Yield-Generating Tokens. Dytokens are automatically locked up in Duet Vaults to generate Credits, which can be used to borrow synthetic assets.

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