dAssets User Guide

How to use | a step-by-step guide

Choose the dAsset to borrow

Similar to Earn module, dAssets are also divided into two categories, stablecoin and dAssets(synthetic assets including but not limited to synthetic index, synthetic commodities, synthetic real estates, synthetic inverse asset, synthetic leverage asset, etc).

So far, dUSD is the only dAsset supported. More dAssets would be introduced.

Borrow or Repay the dUSD

After entering the dUSD page, there will be two main functions available. Borrow and Repay.

As mentioned earlier, due to the fact that the dUSD module here is built upon over-collateralization module, the amount of dUSD you're able to borrow or need to repay is dependant on the assets you've supported to the system earlier.

To borrow or repay the dUSD, you just need to enter the amount and click the corresponding button. A reminder here that: A 0.5% fee and a 1% fee are applied respectively when you borrow and repay dUSD.

If you wish to mint dUSD without supplying collateral, head over to the Stablecoin Minter, where you can mint dUSD with BUSD or USDC at minimal slippage.

Pay attention to My Vault page

As you can see from the top of the page, the "Assets" reflect how much funds you've deposited to the system, "Credit" reflects how much dUSD you can borrow from the over-collateralization module, "Synthetic assets" reflect the funds you owe the system, in other words it is your debt or liability to the protocol, the "Asset-to-debt ratio" is ratio of your assets/debt(synthetic assets), please always make sure the ratio is above 120%, or you may be subject to a liquidation risk.

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