Earn User Guide

How to use | a step-by-step guide

When you enter the Earn page, there will be two kinds of assets displayed in front of you: Non-yield bearing ones, and yield bearing ones. From the interface, you can easily tell the expected APY you would enjoy from the system and the breakdown of the APY. Also, you're able to get the statistics of total liquidity provided for each strategy, and your balance within that vault.

Choose the strategy

Let's say you wish to provide liquidity to USDT-BUSD strategy, click it on the asset list and you will be redirected to a new page:

Supply the asset

There are two ways for you to supply asset to a strategy: You can either supply USDT-BUSD directly given that there're corresponding LP assets in your wallet;

Or you can choose any single token from the list and proceed with the function "Zap & Supply", which allows you to swap any single token to target LP asset with only one click.

The "Zap & Supply" function currently supports: USDT, BUSD, USDC, ETH, BTCB, CAKE, and BNB. More coins and tokens would be introduced in the future.

Withdraw the asset and proceeds

Before withdrawing any asset from the vault, always make sure that after the withdraw, your Asset-to-Debt ratio is managed so that the vault is not unlikely to be liquidated in case Asseet-to-Debt ratio drops to 100%.

If you wish to withdraw all assets supplied, you need to first repay all borrowed synthetic assets, head to the dassets page to do so.

There're two ways for you to withdraw the asset and proceeds:

1/Input the percentage you wish to withdraw from the system and click withdraw;

2/You can also use the slider to adjust the percentage you' like to withdraw.

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