Token Distribution

Private sale(10.00%)

Tokens allocated to the private placement.

Public sale(2.43%)

Distribute the $DUET to a larger span of communities.


Reward for Duet DAO Participants, with a goal to decentralize the Duet protocol

Locked Liquidity Incentive(30.00%)

To Incentivize users of certain behaviours that are beneficial to the growth and stability of the Duet protocol, like providing liquidity to the Duet Protocol. All incentives will be delivered in the form of Duet bonds that matures in 12 months' time.

Team & advisors(9.17%)

To get the team devoted to the Duet Protocol in the long run.

Research and Developments(4.00%)

To incubate a research arm for Duet, to polish the mechanism continuously

Operations and Ecosystem(3.57%)

To grow Duet's ecosystem development.

Early Users Airdrop(0.83%)

To reward the very early participants of Duet Protocol's pilot product.

StabIlization Reserve(30.00%)

30% of all Duet tokens are set aside as stabilization reserves.

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