2021 May -- Development of the Instant DUET/ dAsset Minter. (Complete)

2021 June -- P1 financing closed. (Complete)

2021 July -- Pilot product Zerogoki launched, focusing on leveraged synthetic tokens and gained over $5M in liquidity. zUSD ranked 3rd in volume and 4th in liquidity within the category of algorithm stable coins on #Uniswap. (Complete)

2021 July -- Audit report for algo-minting contract. (Complete)

2021 November -- Upgrade Zerogoki (REI and zAssets) to DUET(DUET and dAssets). (Complete)

2021 November -- Launched dUSD minting module, a high capital efficiency synthetic stablecoin based on decentralized V-AMM mechanism. (Complete)

2021 Dec - 2022 Jan -- Launched the over-collateralization module of Duet Protocol. (Complete)

2022 January -- Duet Version 1 Public Test. (Complete)

2022 February -- Duet V1 fully audited. (Complete) Launched on BSC, ETH and Polygon. (Complete)

2022 March -- Liquidity mining with bDUET (bonded DUET) launched. Launched the first joint liquidity mining with PancakeSwap. (Complete)

2022 April -- Token-denominated Bond as a Service deployed.(Complete)

2022 May -- First session of ebCAKE strategy launched, building block for pre-LSD solution for larger EVM compatible chains' ecosystem. (Complete)

2022 June-Aug -- DODO Private pool-driven synthetic assets trading underlying infra integration. (Complete)

2022 Sept-Dec -- Third-round of comprehensive system security adulting completed by Go+ security and Certik. (Complete)

2023 January -- Fiat-denominated Bond as a Service deployed. (Complete)

2023 March -- Launch dAssets perpetual contract swap 'Duet Pro' on Arbitrum. (Complete)

2023 May -- RWA trading competetions.

2023 June -- 30+ RWA listing.

2023 September -- Duet Pro V2 launch.

2023 December -- L2 derivative liquity aggregator launch.

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