Wallet Configuration

Install Metamask Wallet

Check if the MetaMask wallet is installed. Take Chrome, for example, you will find a corresponding icon in your plugin list if the wallet is installed.

Please find the link below and install MetaMask for your browser if not installed.

Link: https://metamask.io/download/

Once you have installed the wallet, please create or import an existing account following wallet instructions.

Connect the Wallet and network configuration.

Click the Connect wallet button at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to connect your wallet to the Duet app page. The Duet app would help you complete the BNB Chain configuration automatically, you just need to approve and confirm, so you would onboard the network.

Stablecoin minter interface overview

With Stablecoin Minter, users can mint or redeem dUSD with whitelisted stablecoins at an exchange rate of 1:1.

Currently, we only support MataMask wallet connections. We will gradually support other wallets.

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